Step 4 With Gegi Law


It’s time to put it all together. Learn what to do by helping Safia or Darcy fight for their human rights!
Darcy the Dragon Tamer



Safia can’t compete in her modest swimsuit… or can she?

Darcy the Dragon Tamer



People aren’t getting better at Darcy’s pronouns and time is ticking by.

Advocate like a pro

Safia and Darcy used Gegi’s self-advocacy tools to help them get results. You can use these on your own, or share them with your team (Step 3). Each tool is linked to The Gegi Curriculum.

Gegi Advocate

Gender Needs Assessment Tool

Before we ask for someone to change something, it’s important to know what we are asking for. If we don’t, people at school might not know what changes to make. This tool will help you think through what you need so you can inform people at school.

Care and Support Assessment Tool

Gegi knows that self-advocacy can wear you out, especially if it’s not going well. This tool is designed to help you think about what support you need and how to care for yourself while advocating.

Solution Planner

Bring what you have learned from Gegi and your supporting adults (or friends, if you do not have an adult in your corner) to a person with the power to change what is happening to you.

Self-Advocacy Log

When you are self-advocating, it’s a good idea to keep track of what is happening. This includes incidents that you think may be gender identity and/or gender expression discrimination, or steps in your advocacy journey, like emails and meetings. This tool will help you keep track.

School Who’s Who

When you are experiencing something at school which could be gender expression discrimination or gender identity discrimination, it’s important to know who you can go to for help and who has the authority and responsibility to make change happen. Use this resource to figure out who these people are in your school and school board.

Email Primer

Gegi knows self-advocacy can be complicated and sometimes scary, especially communicating with powerful people at school in a different way. Use this document to help you draft different kinds of self-advocacy emails!

Lawyer Gegi looking Serious

Want to level up?

When their school board wouldn’t help, Safia, Darcy and their supporting adults visited Gegi Law. There, you and your team can legal resources and human rights tribunal decisions to share with powerful people if your situation isn’t changing.


Both self-advocacy modules and all of the tools on this page were created to support K-12 students in meeting the expectations of The Gegi Curriculum, which was developed with experts in law, education, and gender diversity. The Gegi Curriculum can be used by teachers to supplement students’ engagement with the module by guiding instruction and activity development.