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For students experiencing gender-based discrimination at school

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Check out our definitions of gender expression discrimination and gender identity discrimination to help you figure out if this is what’s happening.

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Argh. We feel you. Your school board page will take you directly to your specific school board’s policy on washrooms, athletics and field trips, if they exist, or suggest what to do if they don’t (yet).

Gegi has also created tip sheets for school staff that spell out how these situations should be handled: how to get you what you need without asking you to change how you live or express your gender, which may be discrimination. You can freely print or download and give these to an adult in your school who needs some help understanding what gender-based discrimination looks like in these areas:

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Your school has a legal responsibility to provide an environment where you can learn and be okay without experiencing these things. Use the Gegi school board finder (linked below) to look up whether your school board (the authority over your school) includes gender expression and gender identity in their policies: documents that outline school staff responsibilities in situations like this. Don’t worry – even if they don’t have a specific gender diversity policy, they still have a legal responsibility. They just might need some help. Your school board’s page on will help you find your starting place.

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Gegi is hard at work creating a bunch of things to help you identify your needs, bring on board and (if you need to) educate a supportive adult in your family or your school, and communicate what you need to your school administration. Come back often, follow our socials, or sign up to receive updates.

That’s totally normal! If you don’t have a supportive adult in your life (or even if you do), search for your specific school board using the Gegi school board finder to find in-person resources in your area. You can also check out our resources page for a list of Canadian and online resources that support transgender, non-binary and everyone-in-between youth.

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For teachers or administrators

We’re glad you’re here! There are many ways that you can support gender diversity in your school and below are some great resources to start with.

  • Learn more about gender expression & gender identity rights and definitions
  • Find equity resources in your school board
  • Learn how to welcome gender diversity in the classroom and integrate gender diversity into the curriculum
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For parents, friends or other adults who support a K-12 student

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If you’re a loved one of a K-12 student experiencing gender-based discrimination, it is important to inform yourself about specific school board policies and Ontario law. There is a lot of positive change taking place, but school boards vary in the degree of changes they have made to respond to the addition of gender expression and gender identity to the Ontario Human Rights Code. Start here:

What are gender expression and gender identity and the Ontario Human Rights Code protections?

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Learn about resources that support transgender and/or gender non-conforming kids + their families